Your benefits, our goals

engagement on crew central palma


We provide committed crew to both captains and boat owners

We generate lower crew turnover

We guarantee increased stability aboard

All of it whilst ensuring a superior experience for the charterer

investing people on crew central palma

Investing in People

  • We help our clients select the best crew

  • By matching only the best profiles to the right positions

  • We believe in creating synergies

  • We provide senior crew the right tools to find a suitable boat for them

  • We fully understand hospitality and protocol, and how to interact with guests on board


benefits on crew central palma


  • We supply engaged and motivated crew ensuring the best experience for guests

  • We guarantee crew career development and crew retention for better teamwork,

  • as well as lower crew replacement

  • and lower crew travel expenses

Talented crew



We can certainly help you and support you throughout the entire recruitment process so that you find a role that suits your needs according to your experience.



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